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The current trend of nineties clothing really made me nostalgic for my childhood. I grew up through the pogs and slammers phase, Spice Girls and re-runs of Buffy. Now I don’t know if you can relate, but although I wasn’t born until 1987, my parents era was in fact the eighties. This meant that I had this wonderful parallel of 90’s chic and 80’s excess. It also meant that besides baggy trousers that dragged into puddles and oversized jumpers, I also grew up on hair metal, hairspray and hairy creatures that would attack you if fed them after midnight.

As someone who watches old eighties movies, the sense of nostalgia and comfort I get acts as an escape from the pressures of modern day life.

Here’s some of the best home décor I’ve found that carries this feeling on when you can’t watch the movies, listen to the music…or go back in time.

Setting the ambience for a retro evening, check out these VHS lights. You can get them in various film covers, but how awesome is this Labyrinth one? Nothing like the Goblin King to take you back to those eighties puppet vibes.

This hand made neon sign will certainly make you reminiscent for synth music and drinks, without fear of being snapped by a phone looking your worst!

Okay but how retro are these vinyl coasters? I think my vinyl player would appreciate not attempting to play them though…

Remember when this pattern was everywhere? Now you can cosy up into the whole eighties decade with this bed sheet – if you don’t get a headache from it first 😀

This E.T pillow cover is just perfect for when you’re watching this old classic & want something to bury your tears in.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to rewind the ribbon on this cassette! Just dust off off your feet on this doormat to set the vibe before you enter the house.

If you’re feeling particularly nostalgic and bold, check out this pretty rad arcade style rug.

Lastly, why not vamp up the kitchen with these Star Wars sugar, coffee and tea cannisters? Yes we know technically they started the film franchise in the 70’s, but still…

Which one was your favourite? Do you have a nostalgic home item you love? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Author: Bonita Louise

I’m Bonita Louise, and I'm a freelancer, writer, business owner & all-around creative misfit. I've been self-employed, in the UK for over 5 years now. I love trying new avenues of growing wealth through creation, whether that's designing new and amazing products, writing, video making and just all manner of digital creation design & growth. Check out the different pages where you'll find me talking about all things designing, business and handmade, as well as my personal development journey into investing, productivity and wealth creation. I own The Bookish Gift Studio, and I write non-fiction and fiction work after studying for my Masters in Creative Writing. I'm also a huge cinephile, and you'll find me trying to be most awesome and bodacious somewhere in the eighties the majority of the time.

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